Welcome to One Simple Investor! I’m glad you’re here!

After majoring in accounting and then working in finance for over 10 years, I decided to start this site to distill all the superfluous information floating around and make investing simple again.

Because the truth is, investing does NOT have to be complex, nor should it be. The people who make it overly complicated are the ones who tend to lose their money. Everyone wants to be the next Warren Buffett, but even Warren Buffett adheres to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. He tells anyone who will listen that you can’t “beat” the market. If the greatest investor in the history of the world says something can’t be done, why wouldn’t you believe him?

Pick up a typical investing book or scroll through a typical investing website and you’ll invariably encounter a bunch of esoteric financial jargon and indecipherable graphs. This is intentional. Financial professionals make a lot of money by ensuring that you remain confused and intimidated when it comes to investing. That way, you feel more comfortable turning your money over to their “expert” hands to manage — for a hefty commission and fee.

Did you know that mutual funds which simply track the S&P 500 outperform nearly 80% of funds that are actively managed by so-called experts? Most people don’t know this. Your financial “adviser” (aka salesperson) is happy to keep you from knowing this. Because purchasing one of these funds (called an index fund) is easier and costs less than investing through an adviser.

This is the kind of simple, practical, actionable information I’ll be putting forth as I build this site over the coming months. Please stay tuned and check back frequently for updates. I’m open to suggestion on blog topics. Feel free to e-mail me with anything you’d like me to write about. Also, please connect with me on social media via Twitter.